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Relocity is a relocation concierge service that gets you settled into your destination stress-free – from finding the perfect home rental, to organizing your house warming party, and everything in between.

A Full Range of Destination Services

Why should transferees spend days or weeks searching for services and resources when they can find everything they need to get their life up and running in one place?

and much more…

The Relocity Difference



We are your one-stop shop for every destination service you need! Why waste days and weeks trying to manage it all yourself?
More Personal

More Personal

Relocity pairs you with a Personal Host who can relate to your lifestyle and understands your needs. This specialist is your guide and assistant to get you thoroughly settled-in.
Better Value

Better Value

Choose from our à la carte menu of services to fit your budget. Pay only for time spent working on your behalf.
More Convenient

More Convenient

Our app automates the whole process, so scheduling, communicating and tracking is simple and convenient.
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Plus, Save on Products and Services

Relocity House

Find less costly properties for lease by owner

Relocity Relocation Service Furnishings

Save up to 20% on home furnishings

Relocity Money

Discounts on many other products and services

Find out how taking advantage of the many discounts means
Relocity can pay for itself!

How It Works

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Relocity for Individuals

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Relocity for Corporate Clients

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Relocity for International Clients

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Relocity is for Locals Too!

Although our services are designed to assist people moving from one city to another, many local residents find our services to be a great resource for them as well! If you are just moving across town, we can help you find the ideal rental property and all the services you need in your new neighborhood.

Even if you are already moved-in, you may need help finding the services you need. Relocity can help you get organized and take better advantage of the opportunities to be found in your own home town!

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What People Are Saying

Pat B.

My company provided me with Relocity’s services when I was being transferred from Atlanta to LA. I knew nothing about L.A. My scouting trip was so easy and informative, and I loved my Personal Host. He found me an adorable condo close to my new office, and even got me connected to a Pilates studio in Studio City. Relocity is fantastic!

Pierre L.

I have relocated many times, both in the U.S. and in Europe, and Relocity made my move to San Francisco the easiest so far. With my busy schedule, I always have last minute changes. The Relocity app made it easy to reschedule and budget my time. I hope Relocity is available in my new city the next time I have to move!

Vanessa H.

When I was transferred by my company, I was worried that my family would miss New York and have a hard time adjusting to California. My husband is a guitarist and my daughter is very into horses. Our Relocity host found incredibly high-quality opportunities for both of them and kept in touch to make sure everyone was happy. We are true Angelenos now.