Klaus Siegmann, Founder & CEO

Klaus_cafe---1Relocity, Inc. was founded by Klaus Siegmann who is himself an immigrant to California and a business owner from Dusseldorf, Germany. In Germany, Klaus founded a consulting firm specializing in web development, Internet marketing and e-commerce, developing it into one of Germany’s most recognizable firms in the field, with customers like Porsche, Bayer Pharmaceuticals and Deutsche Bank. While preparing for the firm’s IPO, he took the opportunity to sell the firm to one of Germany’s largest international management consulting and investment firms, where he became a General Manager.

In 2010, Klaus fulfilled a lifelong dream by moving to Los Angeles, bringing his wife and newborn daughter with him. During this process, he founded several new companies and consulted with numerous others, including becoming a co-owner of an internationally-known interior design firm with clients ranging from Mumbai and Beijing to Berlin. During this time, he become intimately familiar with the challenges of living and doing business in California. He also became a U.S. citizen, qualifying for a dual American and German citizenship, and guided his wife through the process of getting an investor visa and green card.

Over the years, Klaus found that people from a variety of countries would ask him the secret of relocating successfully, as well as his advice on many aspects of life in his adopted home. His experience relocating his own employees also caused him to realize that there was a need for relocation services that are more comprehensive and focused on the varying needs of each client.

Drawing on his expertise in business development, Klaus began to re-think the relocation business and how innovation and technology could make the relocation process less stressful and more personal. His new concept leverages his expertise in online marketing and business systems to centralize and automate the process, taking stress away from the customer. At the same time, the system has the flexibility to allow for more personalized service and a more compatible connection between customer and personal consultant.  As a result, clients have access to a wider variety of services, as well as more individual attention, than they can find from any existing relocation service.

Relocity is now uniquely positioned to assist both individuals and companies in dealing with every aspect of their relocation needs in a friendly and personal manner. We want to make your transition as secure and carefree as possible, as well as helping you make the most of the life opportunities to be found in your new community.

Relocity Relocation Services Group

Personal Hosts

Below are a few examples of the Personal Hosts currently working for Relocity.

Anna G – Born in Moscow, Russia, Anna has a Juris Doctor degree in Russia and extensive commercial real estate experience in California. She loves sharing her knowledge and experience of L.A. with Relocity clients from all over the world.

Angela W – Angela is a native of Pasadena, California where she attended the Westridge School before getting her BA at Northwestern and her MBA from Loyola in Chicago. Happy to be back in sunny LA, Angela created her own Internet start-up while working at Relocity.

Jocelyn B – Jocelyn has a background in property management with a specialty in high-end luxury services, with a proven track record of being detail-oriented. She graduated from the University of North Florida with honors on a full academic scholarship.

Diane K – Diane’s background is in interior design, having worked for several large firms in LA, as well as taking private clients for over 15 years. She divides her time between Relocity and raising her three kids. She has a degree in art history from Smith College in Massachusetts.

Darryl M – Darryl was born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia where he received a BA from Morehouse College. Darryl worked with several property management firms before moving to LA in 2004. He loves watching the Lakers and helping people find their bliss in LA.

Gloria N – Gloria is a home-grown Angeleno with family, friends and networks that are deeply rooted in L.A., giving her a special insight into her clients’ needs. She graduated from Cal State University, and has spent her career in the hospitality industry.

Juan A – Juan came to LA with his family from Guatemala when he was 8. At 18, he got a scholarship to attend UCLA and studied International Development, spending a semester in Costa Rica. He loves helping people from different countries adapt to his adopted home.

Peter N – Peter is an attorney who left his practice after 25 years to teach English in LA’s public schools. He is originally from Toronto but has called LA home for over 30 years. Peter is a great resource for people who enjoy the arts, architecture and other cultural events.

Mandy B – Born in Hong Kong, Mandy is a Global Mobility Specialist, assisting hundreds of executives and families from all over the world. She is fluent in Cantonese and has degrees in Computer Science and French Literature from Boston College.

Harlan P – Harlan is a graduate of Pepperdine University in Malibu, California where he majored in biology. In addition to working at Relocity, Harlan is a licensed physical trainer and an avid surfer. He teaches a “yoga on the beach” class each summer in Marina del Rey.

Aliya A – Aliya was born in Beverly Hills and attended Beverly Hills High School before getting a chemistry degree from UC San Diego in 2012. She is an avid equestrian and has competed in several horse shows. She also volunteers at the Farhang foundation, a Persian cultural charity.

Yolanda J – Yolanda attended Cal State Long Beach, earning a degree in hotel management. After school, Yolanda was a concierge with Kimpton Hotels before becoming an Account Executive covering the South Bay area. She has a six-year-old son and a pet Schnauser named Attila.

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Future Plans

Relocity currently has offices in LA, San Diego, San Francisco, San Jose, and Phoenix. Plans to expand Relocity into Seattle, New York and other cities are already underway. Our new locations will have the same locally-sourced staffing philosophy: a passion for welcoming newcomers to our home towns.

Our Clients

Relocity’s clients hail from a wide variety of locations and backgrounds, each utilizing our services in their own unique ways. Some are wealthy individuals with large families who take advantage of every service we offer; others are millennials on a budget in need of the basics. Some travel from distant continents; others are relocating from just across town. Some are large companies who use Relocity to manage multiple relocations with numerous complications; others are individual new hires who are lucky enough to have an employer who values their quality of life. In every case, we are committed to a 100% successful relocation experience.


Successful relocation requires that you share numerous intimate details and sensitive information about your life with us. We guarantee that this information will always remain completely private.

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Becoming a Relocity Host

Relocity is always looking for outgoing, personable and friendly people who know how to manage a project team to become personal hosts. We are currently looking for hosts who are intimately familiar with the following cities: Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Jose/Silicon Valley, San Diego, Phoenix, Seattle, and Denver. If you think you have the knowledge and temperament to become a Relocity Host, please visit the Jobs page.

Relocity is also hiring a variety of other administrative professionals. Please check the Jobs page to find out what positions are currently available.

Becoming a Relocity Vendor

The power behind Relocity’s approach lies in our network of carefully chosen professionals who handle all aspects of the relocation and acclimation process for our clients. These vendors include immigration attorneys, real estate brokers, white-glove moving companies, domestic service providers, certified public accountants, insurance agents, interior designers, furniture sellers, education consultants, etc.

Please use the Contact Page to inquire about Vendor opportunities.