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Matthew Hutchison is Manager of Marketing and PR at Relocity, where he is responsible for acquiring and developing individual clients (non-corporate), as well as overseeing marketing and promotion of the Relocity brand.

The Pros and Cons of Relocation Technology

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The world is in the midst of an intense technology revolution that is transforming every aspect of our lives. Mobile devices, wireless connectivity and the Internet give us instant access to information and simplify many once onerous tasks. But while technology has its place, there are limitations when it comes to customer service industries like

LA TechWatch Interview with Relocity CEO

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LA TechWatch interviewed Klaus Siegmann, Relocity's CEO. The article focuses in on the challenges and rewards of creating a startup company in LA, the Relocity business model, marketing strategy and unique value proposition. Klaus also talks about the business environment of LA, how he got the idea for the business, and future plans.   Read the

Relocity CEO Interviewed on Bloomberg Business Network

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This week, Relocity's CEO Klaus Siegmann was interviewed on The Price of Business with Kevin Price, part of the Bloomberg Business Network. It's a great introduction to Relocity, with Klaus speaking in his own words about how he got the idea for the business, and where he wants to take the company in the future. Hear

Hike of the Month – Eaton Canyon

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After a January and February of record setting rainfall (ending LA's long drought, thankfully), the natural areas in and around Los Angeles are unusually green and fresh, with a bumper crop of wildflowers. Hiking in LA is always hugely popular, with a wide variety of landscapes to explore. Right now, Eaton Canyon is a perfect choice,

LA Getaway – Majestic Mountains in Under an Hour

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One of the best perks of living in Los Angeles is the easy access to natural beauty and dramatic changes of scenery. For those who love alpine forests, snow-capped mountains and crisp air, the local San Gabriel Mountains are a perfect LA getaway. Just last weekend, I was visiting a friend in La Canada/Flintridge, which

Move to LA and Live in La La Land!

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Well, La La Land got to be the Best Picture of the Year...for about 2 1/2 minutes! Oh, well. Don't get me wrong. We absolutely loved Moonlight. It's Best Picture win was totally deserved. But we have to admit that, around here, we were pulling for La La Land, if only because it portrays our beloved L.A. in the

LA Events – Getting Ready for Oscars 2017

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The excitement is building on Hollywood Boulevard for the Oscars ceremony coming this weekend, one of the biggest LA Events of the year. Are you ready for your Oscar party? One of the exciting benefits of living in LA is being so close to world-class events like the Academy awards. About a week before the

Neighborhood of the Month: Los Feliz

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Just east of the neighborhood of Hollywood lies one of our favorite spots to hang out, or even to live! It's Los Feliz, the neighborhood that is shared by edgy hipsters, movie stars and just regular people who enjoy a mix of cultures and styles. The name itself is kind of eccentric. In Spanish, it

L.A. Getaways – Laguna Beach

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This first in a series of posts about our favorite weekend getaway spots features Laguna Beach, made famous by a reality show, but a popular destination for Angelenos for decades. Having terrific resort spots like Laguna so close to L.A. is a major benefit and another reason you'll be glad you relocated! Located only an hour

New Funds Move Up Date of Westside Rail Extension

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Angelenos are excited to learn this week that the federal government has allocated a new grant to the City of L.A., allowing it to finish the Purple Line extension of our rail system through Beverly Hills and Century City to Westwood by 2024, just in time for the Olympics! This will enhance L.A.'s chances of