Innovation: The Right Idea at the Right Time

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There is always a better way… Thirty years ago, my father opened a personal computer company in downtown Coloma, Michigan. As a family, I suppose we were early adopters. I can still recall printing out my homework on an old-school Xerox printer with perforated paper. My teachers were impressed. Unfortunately for my father, our small

They Can Really Do That?

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In the six months working with Relocity, I have been continuously impressed with the ‘Personal Hosts’, the Relocity term for a relocation consultant – though our hosts are so much more.  These men and women will always go above and beyond to eliminate stress for the transferee while setting them up to be happy and

Your Personal Parachute

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Imagine you’re on a small airplane soaring 10,000 feet above the ground below. One by one skydivers leap from the airplane. You’re nerves are rattled. You’re not sure you can do this. And ultimately, you decide it would be better if you returned home. This situation is an apt metaphor for relocation reluctance. Relocating is

Thinking Outside the Box(es)

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How Effective is Your Relocation Benefit Package? For many companies, “relocation” means moving new hires and their families from Point A to Point B. The Company agrees to pick up the check and the movers do the rest. As an added bonus, many companies provide some kind of “lump sum” signing bonus for their transferee

The Pros and Cons of Relocation Technology

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The world is in the midst of an intense technology revolution that is transforming every aspect of our lives. Mobile devices, wireless connectivity and the Internet give us instant access to information and simplify many once onerous tasks. But while technology has its place, there are limitations when it comes to customer service industries like

Adopting a Startup Mentality to Fuel Growth in HR

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It is in vogue to talk about the startup mentality these days, but why? What is the allure, especially for a larger company? That’s easy: everyone wants to free themselves from the bloated, soul-crushing bureaucracy that chokes so many large companies, and they want to become more agile and innovative. Startups seem to have a

The War for Talent

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Congratulations on the launch of your Company! All that hard work has finally paid off! You’ve got VC financing, a hip office space, and a retro espresso machine. You’re ready to expand your workforce with passionate, like-minded employees. You’ve put together a competitive compensation package, stock options and other perks. You’ve put the Help Wanted

Building a Culture of Success

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How well is your corporate culture operating for your work team and company? As a leader, you’re responsible for the quality of workplace relationships and team cohesion. Leaving your corporate culture to chance is a sure pathway to workplace frustration. A positive corporate culture can be one of the most important contributing factors to employee

Where is the Best Tech Talent?

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Where is the Best Tech Talent? Hint…It’s not in LA! Over the past 6 months, I have spoken with dozens of talent acquisition professionals representing some of the biggest names in the Los Angeles tech scene. Many of these firms have eight-figure VC banking and are experiencing 100% or better headcount growth annually. For a

Relocity at Hustle Con 2017

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A couple of weeks ago, I had the opportunity to represent our company, Relocity Inc. while attending Hustle Con 2017. What exactly is Hustle Con, might you ask? In simple terms, it is described as a one-day startup conference for non-techies. Yes, a non-technology based event in the Bay area! In a Forbes article, Sam