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Innovation: The Right Idea at the Right Time

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There is always a better way… Thirty years ago, my father opened a personal computer company in downtown Coloma, Michigan. As a family, I suppose we were early adopters. I can still recall printing out my homework on an old-school Xerox printer with perforated paper. My teachers were impressed. Unfortunately for my father, our small

Your Personal Parachute

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Imagine you’re on a small airplane soaring 10,000 feet above the ground below. One by one skydivers leap from the airplane. You’re nerves are rattled. You’re not sure you can do this. And ultimately, you decide it would be better if you returned home. This situation is an apt metaphor for relocation reluctance. Relocating is

Relocating to the Right LA Neighborhood

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Recently I had a meeting with a top executive of a great digital media company out of Seattle. During the conversation, I mentioned to him that I live in Venice Beach. Then he said to me "I lived in LA with my wife for just under a year in a part of town that just

When Relocation Reluctance Becomes Relocation Remorse

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Whether your new hire is coming from overseas, across the US, or simply across town, moving can be a daunting, time-sucking undertaking…Not to mention if they have a family! For this very reason, it is not shocking that when faced with the possibility of being transferred or starting a new job in a new city,

Relocation Destination Services: A New Perk to Attract Millennials

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In a recent Forbes magazine article entitled “Five Things You Can Do to Attract Millennial Talent”, the author listed “perks” as item Number 5. “…millennials are driven by how well their team works together, how supported and appreciated they feel, and how much possibility they have,” PwC’s Anne Donovan says. “They’re all about how it

Chasing Dreams: Baseball and Becoming American

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Skirball Cultural Center, April 7 - October 30 2701 North Sepulveda Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90049 Just in time for the Dodgers baseball season opener, the Skirball Cultural Center is presenting a new exhibition titled "Chasing Dreams: Baseball and Becoming American", which reveals how a game that is considered America's "national pastime" has also served