Rethinking Corporate Relocation

We Don’t Just Move People, We Move Lives

When you need to relocate your valued employees, you want them to feel positive about their decision, arrive quickly, sustain minimal costs, and be successful in their new position for the long term. For the relocation to be successful, the employee’s spouse and family members must also acclimate successfully, or the company risks seeing the family return “home” to their former city, or losing the employee entirely.

Relocity Relocation Service Moving

Relocating an employee is an expensive proposition. According to Worldwide ERC, companies spent an average of $86,000 per home-owner for relocation costs in 2015, including the cost of reselling the existing home, and $24,000 for lease-holders. When you invest that kind of money in an employee relocation, you want to make sure that it sticks! Using Relocity is the best way to insure your investment.

On average, we help our clients save an average of 25% on relocation destination services, compared to comparable companies. Plus, our à la carte pricing means that the employee can choose the services they really need instead of wasting money on standard services that come as part of a package. Our project management also guarantees that relocations are completed quickly, usually in less than 30 days.

More Than a Relocation Destination Service

Relocity is much more than a relocation destination service, however. While we offer essential destination consultation, our approach goes much farther, touching on every aspect of your employee’s life, as well as the life of his or her whole family.

First, we are happy to get involved early in the process and help reduce the employee’s “relocation reluctance”. Knowing that their company is providing comprehensive services and support through Relocity can often mean the difference between a “yes” and a “no” when deciding whether to relocate in the first place.

Then, we get to know your employee so that we can anticipate their needs and customize their relocation and acclimation. Relocity’s total range of services covers everything from neighborhood selection to buying furniture, getting their kids in school, finding a doctor, buying a car, finding a housekeeper, taking care of their pets, and finding recreational resources and social activities. Plus, we manage the whole process, reducing the amount of time your employee requires to focus on the move, and getting them back to work as quickly as possible. For a full explanation of our method, see Why Relocity.

Higher Employee Satisfaction – Plus Save an Average of 25%

The Relocity Difference

Relocity offers a new approach to relocation: one that offers lower cost and greater efficiency, while also maximizing the satisfaction of your employee or colleague. Here’s how:

Traditional Relocation

Relocity Relocation Service Services

Limited Services
Most corporate relocation companies are destination advisory services with a limited list of prescribed services. Employees are left to deal with matters like setting up utilities, buying furniture, or finding the right schools on their own.

Rethinking Relocation

Relocity Relocation Service Full Services

Full Service
Relocity handles every challenge a client is likely to face getting their new life up and running, taking away stress so they can get back to work sooner, while also making them happier in their new home.

Relocity Relocation Service Flexible Packages

Set Packages at Fixed Costs
Traditional relocators offer set packages of services, whether clients need them or not. No  incentive for agent to innovate or optimize value.

Relocity Relocation Service Menu

 A La Carte Menu
Employers offer employees a budget with which they can choose from a long list of services, customizing their relo to fit their needs. No unnecessary items.

Relocity Relocation Service Flexible Hours

Large Minimum Blocks of Time
Most relocators require customers to buy packages of time in days, with 8-hour sessions.


Relocity Relocation Service Flexible Time

Minimum Sessions of Just 1 Hour

Sessions may be as short as 1 hour, allowing transferees to spread sessions over weeks or months, using hours only as needed.

Relocity Relocation Service Price

No Accountability for Time Spent
When you buy a package of services from a traditional relo firm, there is no accountability for actual time spent working on your case.

Relocity Relocation Service Pricing

Transparent Pricing
With Relocity, you pay only for “face time” spent with your Personal Host, or specific hours spent on your behalf, researching and managing your move. Every hour is accounted for.

Available Only During Business Hours
Traditional destination service providers work 9 to 5, usually limiting their services to a just a few days.

Available Nights and Weekends
Relocity’s Personal Hosts are available after hours to assist transferees when it is convenient for them.

Relocity Concierge Relocation Company

Company Responsible for Choices
Traditional relocation requires the employer to make decisions for the employee.

Relocity Concierge Relocation Employees

Employees Empowered
Relocity gives the employee the freedom to create their own lifestyle in their new city. Much greater chance of long-term success.

Relocity Relocation Service Staffing

Limited Relo Staff 
Old-world relo companies typically have a fixed number of agents. These same few people work with every client, regardless of whether their personalities or tastes are compatible.

Relocity Relocation Service Staff

Variety of Diverse Personalities 
Relocity draws on a large variety of Personal Hosts to guide each client’s relocation. Employees feel more comfortable dealing with an agent who identifies with them and relates to their concerns.

Conventional Communications 
Tours and services are arranged by administrators. Transferee must deal with bureaucracy.

Convenient App 
Transferees may schedule and manage sessions with their Personal Host using a mobile app or web portal.

Relocity Relocation Service More than Moving

Focused on the Move 
Typical corporate relo is concerned primarily with housing, and pays limited attention to other quality of life concerns.

Relocity Relocation Service Dance

Focused on Whole Lifestyle
Employees find solutions to all of their lifestyle needs and desires, ensuring that they are well-adapted to their new environment.

Relocity Relocation Service Best Value

Higher Cost, Less Value 
Packages of services with set fees cost you more without catering to the needs of your employee or colleague. Limited services force the client to spend more time away from work.

Relocity Relocation Service Satisfaction

Lower Cost, Happier Employees
Money is spent more efficiently, at the employee’s discretion, on the services they truly desire. Informed guidance from their Personal Host maximizes success. A positive experience for everyone.

Plus, All the Services We Provide to our Individual Clients

At Relocity, we give each of our clients VIP treatment, whether they are a new hire, a CEO or a private individual. This includes an in-depth Initial Consultation, a Personal Host, and access to the full services of our Vendor Network. We make sure your valued employees adapt successfully to their new environment.

Plus we handle every aspect of the relocation. Most corporate destination relocation services only handle location consultation and minimal moving services (see Phase 1 in the illustration below). We handle all three phases, including Moving, Settling-in, and maximizing the quality of their Lifestyle.


Candidate Program

A comprehensive relocation benefit can make an employment package or relocation offer much more attractive. Providing concierge-type services like those offered by Relocity can ease relocation reluctance, which is a factor in 60% of corporate relocation cases. Our progressive approach also provides excitement, and helps you secure the best candidates, or retain existing personnel.

For our valued corporate clients, Relocity is happy to work with your employee early in their decision process to smooth their transition. We will spend time on the phone with them to ease their concerns and suggest solutions. To make their scouting visit more efficient, we can narrow down potential neighborhoods and residences in advance by sending “live” photos or videos and other information. For their initial visit, we will pick them up at the airport, find lodging, show them their most promising neighborhoods, and find out all the ways we can acclimate their entire family.

Spouse and Family Acclimation

No relocation is successful if an employee’s spouse and family are not well-adjusted for the long run. At Relocity, we care about the whole person and the whole family. This wholistic approach is why we include so many diverse services and spend so much time getting to know our clients. It is the difference between moving a person and moving a life.

If your employee’s daughter has an interest in horses, we will find a place where she can take riding lessons. If the son wants to be in a rock band, we will find the right teacher, class, or resource.

A spouse is frequently the biggest challenge, because they have moved to a new city without any connections through work to help them create a social life or explore their interests. We specialize in finding ways to keep spouses excited about their new city and connect to their local community. If they need a job, we will help them find the resources they need. Whatever their interests, we will suggest a way for them to get involved. We are their new friend, their advisor, their “inside connection”.

Relocity Relocation Service Save Costs

Temporary Housing

Many employees faced with moving to a new city prefer to commit only to temporary housing at the beginning, until they have time to get to know the city well and make their own judgments about a permanent residence. And of course, some relocations are only for a limited period of time. In either of these circumstances, Relocity can provide brokers, agents, property managers, and other resources for finding the best rental properties, including apartments, condos and houses.

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