Frequently Asked Questions

Go to the “Getting Started” page to schedule your Free Initial Consultation.

This very important first step is when we find out all about you so that we can begin the process of finding your Personal Host and the Vendors you will need. Please allow at least 30 minutes so that we can have a thorough conversation and discover all your needs and hopes for your relocation. If you prefer to take the interview online, you may instead click “Take Online Interview” on the Getting Started page and fill out the questionnaire. After the interview, you will receive an email with a link to use the Client Log-in.

After your Initial Interview, you will receive an email with a link allowing you to schedule your first consultation with your Personal Host. When you finalize your first appointment with your host, you will be asked to create a password. You can use this password next time you come back to the Relocity.com Client Login (or use the Relocity2Go app) to schedule and manage appointments.

When you log in to the Client Log-in, you will see your Personal Host’s photo, a short bio, and a live calendar showing times when the host is available. You may use your credit card to schedule and pay for hour-long sessions with your host.  (If you are a corporate tranferee, you will be able to schedule sessions as long as your allotted hours have not been exhausted.) You may return to the Client Log-in at any time to change an appointment time (24 hour notice required), and purchase and schedule more sessions. As an alternative, download the Relocity2Go app from the App Store or Google Play to schedule and manage appointments.

First, download the “Relocity2Go” app from the App Store or Google Play. Once it is installed, and you have created an account using the link that was emailed to you, you will be able to make, modify or cancel appointments with your Personal Host using the app interface, which is similar to the website portal interface. You may also click “Manage Bookings” to see a list of upcoming and past bookings. Click on the category (i.e. “Moving”, “Interior Design”) to read about how your Personal Host can assist you with tasks in that category.

From the login screen, click the “Forgotten Password” link. Enter your email address, and we’ll send you an email to reset your password.

Sessions cost $99 per hour.

Yes, we will send you a confirmation email and text message (if you opt-in) as soon as you book. We’ll also send a reminder the day before your appointment.

Sessions must be canceled within 24 hours of the starting time of the session. If you cancel with less than 24 hours notice, you will be charged for the price of the session.

Simply go to Relocity.com/schedule (or click “Client Log-in” at the top of any Relocity.com page), log in (if you aren’t already logged in), and click “Manage My Appointments”. You’ll see all your upcoming appointments and be able to cancel or reschedule them. You may also do this using the Relocity2Go app.

Because we have an “à la cart” menu, you can pick and choose how much help you would like from us. The decision also depends on the size of the move and the size of the family, with bookings ranging from five or ten hours, up to 50 hours or more. We even have clients who have used our services for over 100 hours, which means that we managed the entire move for them, including unpacking, buying furniture, hiring domestic help, getting their kids into school, finding activities and organizations for the spouse and kids, and more.

Relocity is a concierge relocation service that is re-thinking the way people relocate. We provide customized services to people who want to reduce the stress of moving while also making the most of their new home. Besides just getting clients moved physically, we offer exceptional services to enrich their lives, including connecting them with recreational and life-enhancing activities and social organizations. We take a personal interest in our clients and customize our services to make their lives as productive and happy as possible.

Moving is a complicated enterprise requiring the coordination of numerous trades and professionals working together, each with their own ideas and agendas. It also requires intimate knowledge of a new city that is difficult to attain from afar. A relocation concierge service takes the stress out of managing such a complicated enterprise, while also providing solutions based on specific knowledge of the destination city.

Relocity’s clients hail from a wide variety of locations and backgrounds, each utilizing our services in their own unique ways. Some are affluent individuals with large families who take advantage of every service we offer; others are millennials on a budget in need of the basics. Some travel from distant continents; others are relocating from just across town. Some are large companies who use Relocity to manage multiple relocations with numerous complications; others are individual new hires who are lucky enough to have an employer who values their quality of life.

There are three main factors that put Relocity ahead of the competition: 1) We are a full-service company that handles every imaginable aspect of your relocation, taking all the stress out of coordinating this complicated yet life-changing experience; 2) We are more personal, focusing on the whole you, and providing a Personal Host who is chosen based on age, personality and interests to be as compatible and helpful as possible; and, 3) We are cheaper than most traditional services because you can book our hosts by the hour, avoiding having to pay for large blocks of time.

We are different because we work for you. We do not have our own portfolio of properties to sell, our own preferences of neighborhoods or vendors, or our own agenda of any kind. We also have a wide network of vendors to choose from, so we can find the optimal team to handle your relocation. Your ultimate satisfaction is our goal.

Put us in touch your employer. We will be happy to offer you free hours as part of our referral program.

Currently, Relocity relocates customers to Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Jose/Silicon Valley, San Diego, and Phoenix. We will soon be opening offices in Seattle, Denver, New York, Chicago, Miami and more. If you have a city where you think Relocity should be, please let us know!

Using a concierge service like Relocity is the best way to choose a realtor because our list is so large; we are not limited to certain areas or client lists. We are your advocate throughout the home-shopping process, suggesting realtors who have the most appropriate homes in their portfolios and who cover the best neighborhoods for you. If you have a change of heart or wish to try a different neighborhood, we can accommodate you without limitation. We can also escort you or accompany you on home tours, if you’d like.

Many of Relocity’s clients are looking for rental housing for a variety of reasons. Some prefer to begin by leasing a home, condo or apartment so that they can make a better judgment about a permanent residence at a later date. We are more than happy to assist you in finding the best leasing options, whatever your reasons. And we will still be around months or years later to advocate for your interests in finding your dream home.

If you want to hire an interior designer, our network includes top professionals. If you are more the do-it-yourself type, our advisors can escort you to the finest showrooms to pick out your decor. If you wish to make structural modifications to the home, our network includes architects and contractors.

Relocity has contracts with some of the largest and most reputable national and international moving companies. Because of our volume discounts, we can provide you with savings of up to 50% on the cost of moving, if we are managing your expenses. If you have already chosen a moving company in your home city, Relocity will personally manage all aspects of the move, acting as your agent and surrogate in your absence. We will also take care of all the technicalities such as moving permits, insurance, customs and duties, and be present on site when you cannot, so that you can relax.

Many clients choose to visit their new city at least once before committing to move there. Relocity will make all the arrangements for your “sneak preview”, so that you get the most out of your trip, including picking you up at the airport, making hotel arrangements, introducing you to your personal host, giving you an overview tour of the area and neighborhoods that might appeal to you (based on your initial consultation), and suggestions for recreational and nighttime activities.

Relocity works with realtors and housing providers to acquire rental or leased properties for clients on a temporary basis. Even if your plans are not long-term, we believe your time in your temporary home should be of the same high quality experienced by our permanent clients. When you do decide to make the plunge on a permanent residence, we will be there to assist you through the entire process.

One of the main advantages of using Relocity is that we focus on the total person and your complete happiness in every aspect of your new life. Part of every relocation process is discovering what makes you special, and making sure you have access every resource that will help you find fulfillment in your new home, whether it’s a hobby, a favorite sport, the arts, nightlife, food, outdoor activities, or just quality time at home with your family. Help us get to know you so that we can come up with terrific ideas to make your new city work for you.

Relocity’s services are completely customizable, so you can use us as much or as little as you prefer. For instance, you might need us only to find the best realtor for you, or the right moving company, and opt not to take advantage of our other services. Or, perhaps you are a recent arrival who is only now discovering our services. We can still help you get connected to services and activities to improve your quality of life.

Regardless of your country of origin, Relocity will help you find the organizations and classes you need to feel welcome and comfortable in your new home.

Because we offer multiple essential services in one location, we take the stress out of searching for all the separate trades and services you will need when moving to a new city, and even after! Our network of professionals includes real estate brokers, attorneys, accountants, immigration services, interior designers, moving companies, tour guides, language classes, domestic help, and schools for the kids. We even help you discover organizations, sports, and cultural and social activities that will make life in your new city more fulfilling.

After your Initial Interview, Relocity’s team will provide a Personal Host for you based on factors like age range, gender, personality, common interests, and familiarity with factors relevant to your particular case.  Our Hosts are a central part of our business plan and we take care to find positive, knowledgeable professionals, many with advanced degrees, who are passionate about their home town and about helping people. The Host is the person who will escort you to essential meetings, give you tours, and whom you can contact with any concern. This relationship is key, so we want to make sure the two of you “click”!

We have a broad spectrum of hosts and vendors to fit any need, and you can request a replacement at any time. Our hosts come from many diverse backgrounds and have a wide range of experiences, so there is certain to be someone who “hit’s it off” with you. If you are less than satisfied with a vendor, we will continue searching for the right one for you.

Absolutely. We will work with you to determine what make and model fits your lifestyle and recommend dealers who can be trusted. If you’d like, we will escort you to dealerships and be your advocate in dealing with salespeople.

Yes. If you are unfamiliar with the licensing process in the U.S., we will help prepare you for what to expect at the DMV, and even escort you there and give you moral support.

Yes. We will spend as much time as it takes to get your life up and running in all respects, with great recommendations for all your lifestyle needs.

Few decisions are more important to you than the education of your kids. Finding the best schools for your child is going to be a significant factor in choosing the right neighborhood. Beyond that are choices about whether to take advantage of public education or to choose one of your region’s private schools. Relocity understands your concerns. Our personal hosts are well versed in their city’s educational opportunities, many having researched local schools for their own children. We also understand the challenges of balancing the needs of your child’s education with factors like cost, commute, neighborhood resources and lifestyle.

Our team has experience applying to the country’s top schools and can advise you on the best choices for your son or daughter’s higher education.

Relocity’s network of vendors includes every trade that can improve your domestic life. Let us advise you in achieving the good life with reliable, talented professionals to take care of your every need.

Definitely. Relocity prides itself on focusing on the whole person and doing whatever it takes to help you find your bliss in your new home town. Our talented hosts are trained to learn everything they can about your passions and unique qualities so that they can suggest ways for you to find fulfillment, and perhaps a few ideas that you had not even considered! So give us a challenge! We love finding new ways to help our clients.

Relocity has considerable experience helping immigrants come to the U.S. and we can discuss your options generally. Legal advice can only be given by an immigration attorney, but we will put you in touch with an immigration attorney who is right for you so that they can handle your case efficiently and to your best advantage.

Relocity is an innovative relocation company, offering concierge-type services for intra-company transfers that go beyond the basics. We work with companies large and small, especially in creative industries like entertainment, lifestyle and technology, to ensure that each client not only has a stress-free move, but that their new life is successful in every respect. This is important so that you can make sure your investment pays off and that your company retains a reliable, well-adjusted, long-term employee.

Not only are we cheaper, our clients report greater employee satisfaction. That is because our corporate packages include a wide list of services for the employee to choose from, allowing them to tailor the services to fit their needs as well as the budget.

When it comes to new hire relocation, providing concierge-type services like those offered by Relocity can ease anxiety, provide excitement, and help you secure the best candidates. Our services go beyond the limited consultation provided by other destination advisors, providing comprehensive relocation services and extensive quality-of-life support.

Relocity offers a Candidate Orientation Program that includes an initial meeting, an overview tour including promising neighborhoods, general city information, and feedback to the employer. A preliminary tour like this is the best way for candidates to feel secure about relocating to a new city, while also providing the employer confidence in their staffing decisions.