Relocity Is For Locals Too!

Relocity was envisioned as a concierge relocation service that assists clients moving to Los Angeles from other cities. However, many Los Angeles residents find our services useful as well, including clients who have recently moved to L.A. from another city, those who are planning to move across town, or even long-time residents.  For all of you restless locals, Relocity wants you to know that we are here for you too!

If you are moving across town

People who are simply moving from one L.A. neighborhood to another often find it difficult to find the essential services they need. L.A. is so large, it is often impractical to drive to your old neighborhood to use the same dry cleaner or hair dresser, not to mention a doctor or attorney. Besides the essentials, perhaps your daughter took dance classes or your spouse had social activities that are now out of reach. Relocity’s services are about moving your whole life, not just your belongings. We will make sure you have all the resources and connections you need to make the most of your new neighborhood and build contacts within your new community.

Of course, if you are an Angeleno who is just now in the process of contemplating a move to a new neighborhood but need information and guidance to choose the right one, give us a call early so we can give you the benefit of our full range of services!

If you have recently moved to L.A.

Another group of locals who will find Relocity useful are those who have moved to L.A. recently, but have never benefitted from services similar to ours. For new residents who have physically moved yet feel in some way unsettled or unconnected, Relocity offers ourSettling-In and Lifestyle services to get your life in order and help you make the most of L.A.’s unparalleled resources. Perhaps you have moved in, but you are facing the monumental task of unpacking all your boxes and making your furniture fit. Or, maybe you need help getting your kid into the right school or finding activities to fill your spouse’s and kids’ free time.

Relocity can provide white-glove services that will help you unpack and get organized, even disposing of the packing materials for you. Then, your Personal Host can help you shop for new decor, suggesting the best furniture stores in your new neighborhood that fit your personality and budget. If you have not already considered which schools your kids will attend, we will advise you about that process. We will also help you get the services you need to take care of your house and your pets, find a doctor, and even buy a car.

Relocity’s Quality-of-Life Services

Whether you are a new arrival to Los Angeles or have moved across town, once your home life is organized, we are not done! If you would like, we will continue searching for ways you can make the most of L.A.’s cultural and natural resources. Some local residents find our quality-of-life services helpful even if they have lived here for years! Even if you are physically settled, you may wish your life were more full and productive. For instance, if you have an artistic talent or interest, we will find the art school, music teacher, acting coach or dance class to develop your skills. If you are the outdoor type, we will help you find the closest hikes, surfing spots or sports organizations to keep you active. If you simply want to meet like-minded people and make new friends, we can suggest venues and activities to improve your social life.

For more about our services, please see our Services section. Note that even if you have completed Phase I of our services wheel, the services in Phases II and III may be very helpful for Angelenos. For a complete explanation of the Relocity method, including information about the complimentary Initial Consultation and the Personal Hosts, please see Why Relocity.