We at Relocity take a personal interest in each and every one of our clients. When your move is over, we never just walk away. In fact, we are just getting started! Now it’s time to make sure your life in your new city is full of joy and fulfillment. Your Personal Host will follow-up with you to find out if you have any unique hobbies or interests, what kind of food and entertainment get you excited, and ways you can meet like-minded people and get your social life buzzing. We want to make sure you take advantage of all the opportunities your new community has to offer!

If you have any special interests, make sure and mention them during your Initial Consultation so that we can get to work creating your unique new lifestyle!

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Relocity wants to make sure you take advantage of everything your new community has to offer.
That’s why, to us, your physical relocation is just the beginning.

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Health, Beauty and Other Personal Needs

Everyone knows that the best way to find a hair dresser or personal trainer is through referrals from friends and family. The same principal applies to services such as fitness clubs, nutritionists, dry cleaners, or even restaurants and nightclubs. Relocity has a network of relationships with all of these vendors and can give you recommendations you can trust.

Plus, we understand you well enough that our suggestions are sure to “click” with your unique personality. The more time you spend time with your Personal Host, they better they can get a feeling for ideas that fit your lifestyle and make you feel at home quickly in your new city.

Art & Culture

Part of our consultation process is dedicated to discovering your passions and what inspires you. Maybe you or your child is into music — Relocity will recommend the best local instrumental or dance classes and instructors, as well as concert venues. If your passion is art, we will find drawing or painting instruction, as well as galleries and museums. Into the performing arts? Relocity will find outlets for your thespian aspirations, or recommend theater and film festivals. Or maybe you are into architecture, food festivals, Scottish highland games or Chinese New Year parades. Whatever your passion or interest, let your Personal Host know and they will find a way for you to take them to a higher level in your new home.

Recreation & The Great Outdoors

Every city has its own unique natural setting, offering opportunities for outdoor adventure, whether it’s winter sports, mountain climbing, beaches or desert sun. All Relocity Personal Hosts are locals who are well-versed in their city’s natural surroundings and can offer advice about outdoor adventure and local get-aways. For outdoor activities closer to home, your host can offer advice about local parks and recreation, dog parks and pet resources, sports facilities, gyms, yoga classes and other options to fit your preferences. Keeping fit and experiencing nature are vital elements in your lifestyle. Relocity wants to make sure your new life is well-rounded in every respect.

Social Life

We want to insure that you are well acclimated to your new home town by helping you discover a community of friends with similar interests and compatible lifestyles. Maybe you’re looking to share your new experiences with native speakers of your mother tongue. Or perhaps you want to try a cooking or art class, or take up a new hobby. Even more likely, you’d like some advice on the best restaurants and nightclubs in your new neighborhood. Relocity has information about social opportunities, organizations and venues that will allow each member of your family to make connections and share the intangibles that make life worth living.

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