Relocity for International Clients

Relocity specializes in relocating clients from outside the U.S. In fact, our company was founded by an immigrant to the U.S. who navigated the complex process himself and wanted to improve the experience for others. With Relocity, you get a Personal Host who speaks your language and understands your cultural needs.  In addition, our network includes some of the nation’s top immigration attorneys and other specialists who can streamline your relocation and acclimate you to Los Angeles quickly and successfully.

Services of Special Interest to Immigrants

Clients arriving from abroad face even more challenges than domestic clients. For instance, have you ever tried to take a driver’s exam in a new country? How about leasing/financing a car or renting a house or apartment without a credit history? Relocity is here to see that these issues are resolved as easily as possible. We will even escort you to government offices and help you communicate with all of the officials and bureaucrats involved in getting your best life up and running.

In addition to the full range of services we offer our domestic clients, Relocity offers services of particular interest to international clients including:

Relocity Manager


Relocity ID

Getting Car Registration & a Drivers License

Relocity Sign

Getting a
Social Security Card

Relocity Phone

Cell Phone Service

Relocity Law

Finding the Right Bank &
Opening an Account

Relocity Relocation Service Car Purchase

Car Purchase or Lease

Relocity Family

Getting the Right Insurance
(Health, Auto, Home/Rental)

Relocity Relocation Service Education

Enrolling in
Language Schools

Relocity Home

Setting Up Utilities
(Gas, Electric, Cable, Internet)

Relocity Booking

Immigration Strategy for the U.S.

If you are coming from overseas, Relocity’s attorneys can help you choose the best options for acquiring a visa and becoming a permanent resident, as well as establishing a local business – one good option for achieving immigration eligibility. Choosing the right immigration attorney is a crucial element in the process of relocating to the U.S. Mistakes can result in long delays, costly consequences, or even a permanent denial of your ability to be a resident of the U.S.

Relocity’s network includes some of the country’s top immigration attorneys, who have intimate knowledge of the immigration process and all of the possible visas and avenues available for legal residency. Our attorneys can also assist in changing your status from non-immigrant to immigrant (permanent resident), and consult with you about processing of permanent residency (green card) applications for you and your family. Whatever option you need, Relocity will point you in the right direction and provide access to the best immigration attorneys.

Relocity Costs


Most residents of the U.S. are already familiar with the process of paying taxes. Newcomers will do well to remember, however, that with residency in the U.S. comes taxes. Relocity can help you overcome the pitfalls of being unaware of state and federal tax laws, which will affect your real estate choices, personal income and business income, not to mention sales taxes and other fees. If you have a business, taxation will also affect your choice of business structure. Relocity can prepare you for these decisions and provide references to the best accountants, CPA’s and attorneys in our network to handle all the details of your tax situation.

A Personal Host Who Understands You and Looks Out for your Best Interests

A key benefit of the Relocity Method is the care we put into matching you with a Personal Host who can identify with you and communicate with you in a meaningful way. This includes speaking your native language and understanding your cultural needs. Your Personal Host will act as your advocate and take all the stress and uncertainty out of relocating to a new country.

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The Preliminary Visit

Many clients choose to visit their potential new home before committing to move there. If you are able to visit at least once before your immigration begins, Relocity will make all the arrangements for your “sneak preview”, so that you get the most out of your trip, including picking you up at the airport, making hotel arrangements, renting a car, introducing you to your Personal Host, and giving you an overview tour of the area and neighborhoods that might appeal to you. We can even help you pick specific properties to visit. Finding your permanent residence right away is a huge benefit, because you can avoid the cost of temporary housing. Plus, you only have to move once!

Plus, All the Services We Provide to our Domestic Clients

In addition to these specialized services for foreign clients, Relocity offers a full range of services to all our clients. This includes an in-depth Initial Interview, a Personal Host, and access to the full services of our Vendor Network.