On Oscar night, are you tired of being completely unfamiliar with any of the films in categories like Best Short Film - Live Action and Best Short Film - Animation? Better yet, would you like to have an advantage in your Oscars betting pool, instead of just taking a wild guess about these categories that can often determine the winner of a close ballot between you and your film-savvy friends? Now you can see all the films in both of these categories in one evening, Saturday Feb. 21, 2016, at the Egyptian Theater in Hollywood, home of the American Cinemateque. Over the years, opportunities to see short films have diminished, since shorts are seldom included as bonus features at regular movie theaters the way they once were. Streaming is becoming a popular way to check out short films, but Oscar-nominated films are frequently unavailable before Oscar season. Most Academy voters have access to the films via free "screeners" that are provided to Academy members. But for the general public, special screenings like the one this Saturday at the Egyptian, are often the only way to see the films for ourselves in advance of the Academy Awards. To purchase tickets for the Live Action shorts (all shown in one screening), visit the American Cinemateque website here. For tickets to the Animated shorts, visit the website here. While at the screening, check out the amazing Egyptian Theater, which was built in Hollywood by Sid Grauman before he built his famous Grauman's Chinese Theater (the one with the stars' footprints in the forecourt). The Egyptian was built especially for Hollywood premieres, with a grand entrance perfect for red carpet events. The interior has been adapted for modern movies over the years, but you can still see relics of the original Egyptian-style architecture and decor.