An argument can be made that the grand tradition of the "food truck" and its corollary "street food" was invented in Los Angeles. As early as the 1870's, street vendors called "tamaleros" were pushing their two-wheeled carts through the plazas of early Los Angeles (then called El Pueblo de Los Angeles) selling "handmade masa treats" to LA's early settlers and migrant workers. The carts became so popular that early efforts to ban them inevitably failed. The connection between these early street vendors and our present day gourmet food trucks is easy to see. This Saturday, come celebrate the history and culture of Los Angeles street food at the Food Fest in Pasadena. The LA Street Food Fest is at the Rose Bowl in Pasadena on Saturday, July 11th, to celebrate its 6th year of bringing Los Angeles a specially curated selection of world class, award winning top chefs, restaurants, food trucks, street stands, carts and more. Check out the details here.