The Initial Interview

Our process always begins with an in-depth consultation so that we can learn as much about you and your situation as possible. The consultation may take as long as a half-hour and covers a wide range of interests, preferences, needs, and aspirations. Or, if you prefer, you may instead take an online questionnaire. Based on this, our staff puts together your relocation team, including candidates to be your Personal Host, and any vendors you need.

Your Personal Host

After your Initial Consultation, Relocity’s team will begin the process of selecting the right Personal Host for you.  Because we make the most of the “sharing economy”, we can provide a wider range of choices based on factors like age, gender, personality, common interests, language, and nationality, making it much more likely that your host will identify with you and relate to your lifestyle. Our Personal Hosts are a central part of our business model and we take care to find positive, knowledgable professionals, many with advanced degrees, who are passionate about their city and about helping people. They are also thoroughly vetted and background-checked, and are rated by our customers using our online rating system. Your Personal Host acts as both your “personal assistant” and your advisor throughout the relocation process, escorting you to meetings, giving you tours, finding essential services, and dealing with any of your concerns. This relationship is key, so we want to make sure the two of you “click”!

The Vendor Network

Besides your Personal Host, Relocity has a wide network of carefully chosen specialists with the expertise to take care of every aspect of your relocation. Based on the particulars of your case, our staff will assemble the right project team for you, which might include real estate brokers, attorneys, educational consultants, tax advisors, furniture stores, or quality moving companies, etc. All of these professionals meet the highest standards and understand the issues that face newcomers to California. Vendors work for you, and all vendor billing is separate and the responsibility of the client (unless you wish for us to manage payments as part of our VIP Plan).  However, your Personal Host and Relocity’s team will manage the entire relocation, making sure all members of the team work together efficiently like a well-tuned engine.

Continuing Support

Finally, once you are situated in your new home, we never just walk away. In fact, when the moving is done, we are just getting started!  Now it’s time to make sure you and your family are well acclimated, and that your life in your new city is full of joy and fulfillment. This might mean finding the right schools or colleges for your kids, finding domestic services for your household (like chefs or daycare), recommending cultural programs or outdoor activities, and connecting you to the experiences and social networks that make life worth living. Relocity can continue this assistance even years after you have moved in!

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