It has been a booming first few months of 2017 for employment growth. The year has started off with two solid months of total non-farm jobs growth, with February’s 235,000+ exceeding the median of 200,000+ forecast by economists surveyed by Bloomberg. The unemployment rate moved lower, despite a 10-basis-point sequential increase in the labor force participation rate, to 63.0%. What does this growth mean for companies recruiting in LA?

All this job creation has stimulated a growth in the talent acquisition industry. The ASA Staffing Index reflected that since the recovery began in July 2009, staffing employment has been growing three and a half times faster than the economy, and seven times more rapidly than overall employment.

At this rate, the local talent pool will continue to dry up. Recruiters will need to focus on attracting candidates beyond the Los Angeles market to stay ahead of the curve.

This is where a service like Relocity comes in.

Expanding the Talent Pool

Relocity can help recruiters expand their reach by providing candidates with a world-class relocation concierge service designed to eliminate relocation reluctance. Relocity works with each candidate one-on-one to find the Los Angeles that suits them. Typical relocation companies offer a plug-and-play service. Relocity identifies each candidate’s specific needs and interests and executes a plan to maximize their satisfaction with Los Angeles.

Additionally, since many Employers pay a bonus to Recruiters if the candidate remains in the position for the long term, retaining them is vital. The new employee may be happy, but what if their husband/wife doesn’t like LA? What if their kids don’t like their school? By working with Relocity, recruiters can gain an edge in this regard as well when recruiting in LA.

Relocity focuses on integrating the entire family into the Los Angeles community. Relocity can help with choosing where to live, choosing where to send the kids to school and finding services and activities. They also provide access to a wide-ranging, highly-vetted Preferred Vendor Network from furniture stores to gyms to hair stylists.

Competition and Recruiting in LA

With all the growth in the Staffing Industry, there has also been an influx of competition. Which begs the question: Which Staffing Companies will survive the next recession on the horizon? Staffing firms that can focus beyond the Los Angeles market and go the extra mile to retain their placements will have a decisive edge in the war for talent.

Relocity is seeking select recruiting partners with a specialized industry focus. Give us a call at (855) RELOCITY to secure your spot in our Preferred Partner program.