In a recent Forbes magazine article entitled “Five Things You Can Do to Attract Millennial Talent”, the author listed “perks” as item Number 5.

“…millennials are driven by how well their team works together, how supported and appreciated they feel, and how much possibility they have,” PwC’s Anne Donovan says. “They’re all about how it feels.”

As I’ve discussed in previous posts, defining your corporate culture in a way that focuses only on the employee’s work life could be a costly mistake. Companies that also focus on helping their employees succeed outside of work can stay ahead of their competitors while attracting and maintaining top talent.

Relocating a Millennial – A Case Study

Imagine you’ve recruited a top MBA from an east coast university who is moves across the country for the job. You cover her moving expenses and put her with a global relocation Company which helps her and her family with their move. You’ve done your job…or have you?

Maybe the neighborhood where the couple settled isn’t exactly what they had in mind. Maybe they struggle to make friends. Maybe the spouse struggles to find his vocation. Maybe this puts a strain on their relationship. Less than a year later, that same couple is moving back East, convinced Los Angeles wasn’t for them. You then must begin the costly process of finding and training their replacement, and the cycle continues.

What if that couple had someone who shared their interests to introduce them to LA from the moment they made the decision to move, all the way through to that crucial first few months? What if that couple found the perfect place the live with the help of a totally objective friend who is not working on a commission? What if that couple found all the activities they love in Los Angeles and were introduced to several more they always wanted to try? Do you think they’d stick around?

The Personal Host – Your Relocation Expert

At Relocity, we’re focused on delivering successful relocations for the long-term. Each client receives their own “Personal Host”, a dedicated personal assistant and advisor who works live, in person, and one-on-one with the family from their first consultation to moving-in and beyond.

Besides being an expert in relocation and the challenges of moving to L.A., the Personal Host is matched to the client based on factors like demographic similarity and common interests. It’s the closest one can get to having a personal friend to help you get acclimated and take advantage of everything your new city has to offer.

A small investment of 30-40 hours with one of our Personal Hosts could make the difference between a frustratingly short engagement with your new employee or a long, fruitful one.

By Jeremy Kopp

Jeremy Kopp is Director of Strategic Accounts at Relocity.