A couple of weeks ago, I had the opportunity to represent our company, Relocity Inc. while attending Hustle Con 2017.

What exactly is Hustle Con, might you ask? In simple terms, it is described as a one-day startup conference for non-techies. Yes, a non-technology based event in the Bay area!

In a Forbes article, Sam Parr, a Hustle Con co-founder, said, “The idea behind Hustle Con was that John, Eric, Liz, and I had all started and sold tech companies even though we couldn’t code. We decided to get the best non-technical founders together to teach. We wanted to put on an event that taught real actionable stuff from people who actually founded a company, not some MBA professor who hasn’t ever started or run a business, or a VP at a company — We want real founders doing the talking.”

Relocity at Hustle Con 2017

Relocity at Hustle Con 2017

It was quite refreshing to be around 2,499 other startup geeks, entrepreneurs, experienced professionals, and like-minded individuals. These were the people who were actually walking the walk and not just talking the talk. These were the people revolutionizing our future, just as Relocity is!

What was my take on the event? I absolutely loved and thrived off of the energy! It’s exciting to be a part of THE biggest startup scene in the world.

What I also realized was that passion trumps experience, and people could tell that I was passionate about what we are doing here at Relocity. At the end of the day, successful companies are not founded just on the basis of getting a company started; they succeed based on the strength of solving a problem, and that is exactly what Relocity is here to do.

Whereas traditional relocation companies have limited services and are more focused on just the logistics of the move, Relocity offers a service that is comparably lower in cost while maximizing efficiency, as well as ensuring the happiness of the employee or individual.

We provide a full-service concierge approach to your relocation, whether you are a company in need of our services for transferees, or an individual in need of moving assistance. We make sure all aspects of your move are taken care of, from the departure city to your new destination. Our Personal Hosts address all concerns and make sure you and your family are happy and acclimated to your new home!

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