How Relocity Saves You Money

Relocity negotiates with every vendor in our Vendor Network to acquire special discounts and promotions for you, our client. These discounts can add up to many thousands of dollars, more than offsetting the cost of our services! Here are the ways you can save money when you use Relocity.

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Relocity Relocation Service Moving

SAVE on Moving Costs

Relocity has contracts with some of the largest and most reputable national and international moving companies. Because of our volume discounts, we can provide you with savings of up to 50% on the cost of moving, if we are managing your expenses. These discounts can add up to thousands of dollars. Plus, you can relax, knowing your belongings are being handled by some of the most trusted names in the moving industry.

Relocity House

SAVE on Real Estate Closing Costs

When you use a real estate agent from the Relocity network, we have negotiated with the broker/agent to rebate to you a portion of their commission. This means an average savings of over $4,000 for a typical Relocity client!* In every case, Relocity uses our influence to get the largest rebate possible for you. This is part of the Relocity advantage.

In addition, it is to your advantage to make use of our location counseling as early as possible because we are objective. Unlike an agent, we have no incentive to direct you toward any particular neighborhood or home.

SAVE on Rental Properties

There are two ways that Relocity can save you money on rental properties. First, we can help you find apartments and condos that are for rent-by-owner, which are often cheaper than listed units. Landlords and developers who use leasing agents or management companies to advertise and lease their properties generally increase rents to cover the costs of these services. When you rent a unit directly from an owner, you can often save money on rent every month as long as you live there!

For rental units that are leased through an agent, the agent is generally paid a commission. Relocity negotiates with the leasing agents we work with to refund to our clients a portion of the agent’s commission, a direct savings for you.

Relocity Concierge Service Design

SAVE on Home Furnishings

Just as we negotiate with real estate agents to secure big savings on closing costs, Relocity works with the top furniture and home design stores to bring you even bigger savings, meaning up to 20% discounts on your home furnishings. If you are buying a home full of furniture, this can add up to many thousands of dollars! Just speak to your Personal Host about your needs and they will arrange to make this happen for you.

Relocity Savings

SAVE on Many Other Products And Services

Relocity negotiates exclusive savings and special offers from every vendor in our network, which can add up to significant savings. Whether it’s a special rate on personal training sessions, a discount on your first dry cleaning bill, or just a free cup of coffee on your first visit to your local coffee shop, the long list of savings can ease the stress and expense of moving, and make your first weeks in Los Angeles that much more inviting!

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*Discounts and Rebates Disclaimer:
Savings vary by market and are dependent on several factors, including the price of the property, the market minimum commission, and the buyer’s real estate agent’s commission.
If Relocity’s services are being provided by your employer, read your company’s relocation policy and talk to your relocation administrator to confirm that you are eligible to take advantage of Relocity’s real estate broker/agent network.