The War for Talent

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Congratulations on the launch of your Company! All that hard work has finally paid off! You’ve got VC financing, a hip office space, and a retro espresso machine. You’re ready to expand your workforce with passionate, like-minded employees. You’ve put together a competitive compensation package, stock options and other perks. You’ve put the Help Wanted

To Attract and Retain Top Candidates, Consider Work-Life Balance

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A cool office, foosball table, free kitchen snacks, waving attractive salaries in front of top level executives or potential employees aren’t always the most effective ways to attract top talent. Sure, everyone likes cool perks, but what will attract the best candidates, and more importantly, what will help you retain these people, is less about

Recruiting in During a Job Boom

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It has been a booming first few months of 2017 for employment growth. The year has started off with two solid months of total non-farm jobs growth, with February’s 235,000+ exceeding the median of 200,000+ forecast by economists surveyed by Bloomberg. The unemployment rate moved lower, despite a 10-basis-point sequential increase in the labor force

When Relocation Reluctance Becomes Relocation Remorse

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Whether your new hire is coming from overseas, across the US, or simply across town, moving can be a daunting, time-sucking undertaking…Not to mention if they have a family! For this very reason, it is not shocking that when faced with the possibility of being transferred or starting a new job in a new city,

Staying Ahead of the Curve by Enhancing the Employee Experience

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A recent Forbes article claimed that “Focusing on Creating a Compelling Employee Experience” was the Number One HR Trend for 2017. The employee experience can be broken down into three distinct parts. First is the technological environment or the tools the employer is providing their employees to help them be successful. Are they using the

Neighborhood of the Month: Los Feliz

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Just east of the neighborhood of Hollywood lies one of our favorite spots to hang out, or even to live! It's Los Feliz, the neighborhood that is shared by edgy hipsters, movie stars and just regular people who enjoy a mix of cultures and styles. The name itself is kind of eccentric. In Spanish, it

New Funds Move Up Date of Westside Rail Extension

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Angelenos are excited to learn this week that the federal government has allocated a new grant to the City of L.A., allowing it to finish the Purple Line extension of our rail system through Beverly Hills and Century City to Westwood by 2024, just in time for the Olympics! This will enhance L.A.'s chances of

LA-based Snapchat Moves Toward IPO

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Snap, Inc., a technology company based in Venice, CA (a neighborhood of L.A.) took steps this week that move it closer to going public early next year. Snap, Inc. is the company behind the popular video-sharing app Snapchat, and Spectacles, the recently launched video camera sunglasses company. Revenues from these two companies could total $1 billion

Vegan Oktoberfest?! Only in L.A.!

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Okay, here is something that you can DEFINITELY find only in L.A.! Vegan Oktoberfest bills itself as "the only event in the world that combines great vegan food and beer with a traditional Oktoberfest celebration!"  No doubt. Leave it to Angelenos to put a healthy spin on almost everything. If you want to check out

Visit a Museum for Free This Saturday

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Museum Day Live! takes place this Saturday, September 24, which means it is your chance to try out several of L.A.'s less familiar museums for free! Museum Day Live! is an annual event hosted by Smithsonian magazine in which participating museums across the country open their doors to anyone presenting a Museum Day Ticket. This