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The Challenge

Moving to a new city is a challenge filled with tough choices requiring weeks or even months of planning. Which neighborhoods are safe and convenient? Should I rent or buy a home? How long will my commute be? Where can I find a doctor, daycare or a gym? What about my family – how will they adapt?

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The Solution

Relocity is here to help. We are your one-stop relocation concierge service, providing everything you need to move. We manage the entire process for you, freeing you up to start living your new life ASAP.  Once you are moved in, we stick around to see that you have everything you need to make the most of life in California!

The Relocity Difference

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We Are Stress-Free

Because we offer multiple services in one location, we take the stress out of searching for all the separate services you will need when moving to a new city. Our Vendor Network includes moving companies, realtors, attorneys, furniture dealers, domestic help, education consultants, and much more! Instead of spending endless days or weeks finding and managing all these trades, why not sit back and let our friendly professionals take all the stress out of this major life event?

Relocity Relocation Service Personal

We Are Personal

A key advantage of the Relocity approach is that we focus on the whole person, not just your house or things. In our complimentary Initial Interview, we take the time to get to know you so that we can customize your services to fit your needs and personality. We then match you with a Personal Host who we feel can identify with you and who will work with you on all your concerns. Your Personal Host continues refining your relocation until you and your family are perfectly adapted to your new environment. In a world of anonymous reviews and mass marketing, we treat you like the unique person you are, with tastes and expectations that no online algorithm can understand.

Relocity Relocation Service Value

We Are a Great Value

Relocity is a new concept in relocation consultation and management, offering a range of top-tier concierge services available nowhere else. However, thanks to our à la carte system, you pay only for the services you desire by the hour. Unlike other services, we do not package our services together into required modules or time frames. This means that you can tailor your relocation to meet your individual needs and budget. Plus, as a Relocity client, you will have access to numerous savings on real estate closing costs, moving companies, furniture purchases and other discounts. In some cases, Relocity can pay for itself!

Relocity Relocation Service Phone

We Are Convenient

Our online system makes scheduling and communicating simpler and more efficient. Your member login allows you to purchase sessions with your Personal Host or see how many hours remain in your package (for corporate clients). You will also have access to a calendar where you can see your host’s schedule to facilitate making appointments.