A cool office, foosball table, free kitchen snacks, waving attractive salaries in front of top level executives or potential employees aren’t always the most effective ways to attract top talent. Sure, everyone likes cool perks, but what will attract the best candidates, and more importantly, what will help you retain these people, is less about the perks and more about helping your employees achieve work-life balance.

Work-Life Balance Matters

Nine in ten Americans feel that their employers should offer employees more flexibility in their workdays in order to meet their families’ needs. If the average American is so concerned about work-life balance, then chances are it is also important to the executive-level professionals you want to attract.

With this in mind, consider how your organization prioritizes and promotes work-life balance, what you as an organization are doing to show your employees and prospects that you really value this balance, and determine which of the following areas you may be able to promote to attract the best talent to your organization.

What is Work-Life Balance?

When employees are seeking careers that will make them happy and keep them motivated, they look for the following indicators:

Flexible Hours: As we know, the normal hourly work week revolves around 40 hours, while more executive-type positions require more demanding hours. If your job prospect values time with his/her family or time spent doing things outside of work, a career that puts them in the 60-hours-plus work week may not necessarily be appealing to them.

However, if you offer more flexible work hours, you can mitigate these concerns and be that much more appealing to top prospects. Flexibility shows that you care about them as a person, and not just as a worker.

Family Time: For employees with families, spending time with loved ones may be a top priority. If your available position allows for the type of flexibility where employees can take leisure time when they need it (as long as the job still gets done), you may want to make this known to candidates when you are recruiting them.

Compensation: If you hope to attract employees with highly sought-after skill sets who have proven they can bring value to your company, you should offer attractive salaries. What you offer in the form of compensation is one of the first indicators to the prospective employee that you value them and want them to be happy. Additionally a generous salary can motivate many people to sacrifice more of their personal time for the job.

Opportunities: Giving a employee, or prospective employee, a chance to grow their position and take on new responsibilities can be just as important as compensation when it comes to attracting and retaining talent. Employees find self-worth in their ability to take on more responsibilities and make a greater impact within a company. If a position offers a significant opportunity for upward mobility or financial gain, it is likely to be more attractive to potential candidates.

A relaxed environment: Nothing is a bigger turn-off than chaos. Worklife can include deadline pressure, financial pressure, pressures brought on by unexpected disasters – that’s business. Fostering a calm, systematic way to deal with these dramas will give your employees and your prospects the feeling that your business is professional and well managed. Ensuring your candidate that the team they will be working with is professional and intelligent and led by responsive management will provide more credibility.

Work-Life Balance is not the same for Everyone

Everyone has a different interpretation of what great work-life balance means to them. Before promoting one of the above indicators of work-life balance, talk to your candidate to determine what they value most and see if it is consistent with your organization. At the end of the day, you’ll want to ensure that they are as good a fit for you as you are for them.

At Relocity we value the employee and the employee’s life outside of work. We believe that if an employee’s life is not settled, they will not be effective or happy at work either. If you are attempting to attract top talent and relocate them to Los Angeles, the more support you as an organization provide to this employee, the more likely they are to accept your offer and excel at their new position.

Relocity’s concierge / personal assistant relocation services were designed to help a relocating employee achieve work–life balance at their new job. Traditional relocation companies are either moving companies, real estate brokers, or software platforms. Once the lease is signed, they are done, for all practical purposes. Once the last box is delivered, good luck! Or, in the case of software platforms, all your new recruit typically gets is a “Yelp”-type review of the neighborhood and a consultant in a call center somewhere.

This type of treatment does not instill in your candidate or employee the feeling that you care about work-life balance, or more specifically, their personal life. Helping an employee find, not just the right home, but the right neighborhood and all the services they need is a key component of relocation that will make them feel fully at home.

Have someone set up interviews for the kids at the right schools; help the kids find a soccer club; have someone there to meet the cable guy; have someone help the spouse find a decorator or furniture store; help them line up a personal trainer… whatever they need! All of this will make your employee feel like they’re part of a team and that you truly care about their work-life balance. Motivation and morale is a big part of your bottom line, and taking the time to ensure that your employee feels comfortable, not just at work, but in their new community as well, is a vital aspect of employee happiness.

Addressing Work-Life Balance While Holding Down Cost

Ok, so you might be saying, “That all sounds great, but who has the budget for it?’ Well, chances are, you do. Relocity, a new company that is redefining relocation, will provide a concierge-level personal assistant who will physically be there for your new hire and stay with them throughout the entire process, all for $99 per hour. We bill only for the actual work, and you pay only for the hours we spend actually helping your employee. The average move for an individual takes 30 hours, or $2,970.00. A family with kids may take 40 hours, and a C-level executive 50. So if spending under $3,000 seems like a great investment in your employee’s happiness, well, that’s because it is.

Think of how much you invested to land that employee. $3K buys the best insurance around. And think of how your company will look in comparison to your peers! You will look like the place that cares about its staff, a place everyone will want to work. You will distinguish your organization as a leader in achieving work-life balance.

Relocity is a concierge relocation service that is re-thinking the way people relocate to L.A. (with more cities soon). Besides helping clients move physically, we offer exceptional services to enrich their lives, connecting them with recreational and life-enhancing activities. We take a personal interest in each client, customizing our services to reduce the stress of moving while making them more productive and happy.